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“Gargoyle Garden”

Oil on Canvas – 34″ x 40″

Gargoyle Garden

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Gargoyle Garden-gargoyle left detailGargoyle Garden-gargoyle right detailGargoyle Garden-gargoyle footsteps detail
Whenever I go to a museum and read the “tags” about the whys and wherefores of the piece I am looking at, I can’t help but wonder if the dead artist could come back and read the tag, if he or she would burst out laughing at the things attributed to their “vision.” I love gargoyles; I find them quite intriguing. I had a tiny little gargoyle head that became the model for this painting, for no other reason than I thought it was cool. What kind of personality would a creature like that have? If you came across a garden like that, would you go in? Would you be afraid, or would your curiosity draw you in despite reservations? Are the gargoyles there to warn you away? Maybe that’s what they look like when they smile. Someone entered – look at the footprints. Who went in? Did they come back out? What happened?

Posted 8 years, 9 months ago at 11:38 pm.

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Oil on Canvas – 42″ x 42″
This canvas stretched out over a longer period of time than most and therefore became an intersection of various moods and interests that changed more over the course of the painting period than usually happens. Whether or not the intersections are successful is for the eye of the beholder. I believe there are 3 separate paintings in this one canvas.transparent

Posted 8 years, 9 months ago at 11:11 pm.

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“The Washington Monument”

Oil on Canvas – 73″ tall
On a trip to D.C. one summer I went to see the local sites and when I came upon the Washington Monument, was awestruck. I saw it at night and with the display lights shining on it, it looked translucent to me. I couldn’t get enough of it visually. I wanted to try and capture some of that; I had to come home and paint it. But since I am in the habit of painting alien landscapes, I felt compelled to add a couple of flying saucers.

Posted 8 years, 9 months ago at 11:09 pm.

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“The Mother”

Oil on Canvas with Flotsam and Jetsam – 38 1/2″ x 34″
The Mother
I have a feeling most folks might see a huntress finding a meal, a poor victim coming to the end of life, a raw picture of what we do daily but disguise it in a box or under cellophane, calling it civilization when what it really does is remove us from the action of killing, ending the real relationship that might make us more conscious human beings, and more able to care for our Earth. But look again… what is she really doing, and what is really in her jaws? I don’t even really know for sure.transparent

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Oil on Canvas with stones
21 1/2″ x 33″
Even I don’t know about this painting. There was a time when a lot of my canvasses seemed to be filled with drama and pain. I would just paint and there it would be, a thing to wonder at. I once had a friend who is an art therapist, make suggestions to me about this painting, which awed me with the truth that resounded in his words. That was a long time ago, and most of the words have faded away – but I still stop on the stairs, stare at it, try to remember, and wonder why I forgot.transparent

Posted 8 years, 9 months ago at 11:05 pm.

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“Cave Creatures”

Oil on Canvas – 23″ X 28 1/2″
Cave Creatures
These vulture like creatures take to their caves during the daylight hours, to rest and prepare for the night’s adventures. During this time they enter a sort of meditation that renders them outwardly lifeless yet able to link their minds together for greater insight. As the land became barren, they have had to travel greater and greater distances to find their prey. The ability to link minds made them one of the few surviving creatures on this planet. You can see the remnants of the Hunt.transparent

Posted 8 years, 9 months ago at 11:03 pm.

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Oil on Canvas with flotsam and jetsam – 40″ x 44″

A normal day in the village with the blessings of normalcy.

VillageVillage - cooking in hut detailVillage - woman fishing detail

Posted 8 years, 9 months ago at 10:59 pm.

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Oil on Canvas – 14″ x 26 1/2″

The Wizard passes the skeleton of an ancient creature as he disappears over the top of the hill. A large jawbone protrudes out of a pile of boulders. A strange bird seems to have mutated limbs but still finds a life; this landscape is empty but still holds its mysteries. What is the story behind the skeleton, the jaw, and the bird? What is the Wizard doing? Who do you imagine calls this home? What do they look like? What would they think of you?

Posted 8 years, 9 months ago at 10:56 pm.

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Oil on Canvas – 39 1/2″ x 47 1/2″

The rooted entity stepping across the chasm has taken thousands of years to move through the landscape in the canvas. It is the embodiment of all life on earth past and present – but most of all future. The future that is left when we have finished raping our planet of its resources, when the earth is exhausted from our treachery, when it cares for us no longer, when only the mutations of our former presence are left as dark fingerprints of our existence – the only forms of life that can draw any breath from the silent Mother.transparent

Posted 8 years, 9 months ago at 10:54 pm.

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“First Painting”

Oil on Canvas – 49″ x 40″
First Painting
I consider this to be my first good painting. It felt like a breakthrough, when, frustrated with my tight and immature attempts to create a city, I attacked this canvas with a rag and turpentine. In the erasing I found something – less formed, more shadowy suggestions of shapes that were far more intriguing than the structured opaque columns I had been working on; and a kind of abandon of the box I had been trapped in. The erased canvas, the shadow of what I had been doing, became a possible background, and the rest just grew out of playfulness. And indeed a city was created, but not one I had ever seen before.transparent

Posted 8 years, 9 months ago at 10:52 pm.

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