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“Portrait of a Driftwood Horse”

Oil on canvas – 26” x 32 1/8”

Portrait of a Driftwood Horse by Smilia Marvosh

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Portrait of a Driftwood Horse-body detailPortrait of a Driftwood Horse-head detailPortrait of a Driftwood Horse - detail

Several years ago a friend of mine gave me a little piece of driftwood that he thought I would like, which I surely did. I felt like I was looking at the bones of a very old story, one in which this most marvelous animal lived, ruled, fought, and won. There were no compromises here, but a power that was awesome to behold and silenced those who witnessed it. Over the last few years I tried to find a place in my home for this “horse skeleton” but it wasn’t comfortable anywhere; it just kept moving around. One day my best friend, another artist, came to visit and was looking at some sketches I had drawn up for my next canvas, another kind of horse being, when she looked at my driftwood gift and said – “Why don’t you paint this?” I have yet to name this mythological god, but I will – or maybe I’ll just discover its name…

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