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“A Good Path”

Oil on canvas with attached flotsam & jetsam – 24” x 35 ¾”

The Good Path - main canvas
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The Good Path-detail 1The Good Path detail 2The Good Path detail 3The Good Path-detail 4The Good Path detail 5The Good Path detail 6The Good Path detail 7

Many years ago I went to Cape Cod with a good friend and we went for a walk along the ocean on this magnificent path that had all the characteristics of a magical place, where nature was Queen and delighted to show off her stuff. It was the kind of place one could easily remember forever, like a letter from Heaven, something that defied time in your mind. I photographed the path and picked up some bones to use in future paintings. Recently my friend and I returned to walk the same path and met an old friend there and took her with us. Our friend was 95, and left us with a comment that makes us chuckle every time we think of it. She said – “Don’t do your nineties!” with her typical humor and liveliness. This was a woman who cut new paths for the women who came after her. Her name was Diane. She died a very short time later but left us with another fine memory of “A Good Path.” It had changed a lot since our first time there, picked up some tumbleweed, as all paths do, but it was still beautiful and headed in the same good direction, still a message that life is a gift.

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