Art by Smilia Marvosh

Artist’s Bio

I often think I must have come from another planet, and remember nature there, and I must have loved it. I found the spaceship I arrived in at the sculpture gardens at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA, and attached to it was the little spaceship my cat arrived in.

From there, in human form, I proceeded to record the remarkable alien landscapes and life forms that were my inheritance. First I captured them on canvas, tentacles of strange beings and trees reaching for home, juxtapositions of this world and the one of my genetic memory, pieces of this life and other existences I missed and wanted to revisit. And then when that wasn’t realistic enough, I began attaching flotsam and jetsam from the beach to help me express their aliveness better, and the deep reverence I feel for the magical environments that give us life, whether here or some place else.

A few years ago, I saw a very simple rebar trellis in a gardening magazine and something deep inside me resounded with recognition and excitement – I had to do that too. I started out bending rebar, which I love because of its aliveness, experimented with electrical conduit, and then moved to stainless steel, the love of which I cannot explain, even to myself.

And I discovered how alive rebar and steel are, and how amazingly surprising I found their manipulability, never having guessed how fluid they really are.

I think of my metal sculptures as alien plant forms, moving from my canvasses to my garden in 3D. I find them very exciting to look at. I call them “Yardbones,” something that holds the structure of a garden, its skeleton so to speak, throughout the entire year, and not just when things are alive and growing in the soil.

I would also be amiss not to acknowledge the people who have been in place every step of the way to facilitate my designs. I truly believe the Universe placed them there for me to help me bring my designs to life. I am at times as much in awe of this synthesis of energy and location as I am at a successful design. With each passing day I become more and more filled with wonder at the world I live in, more and more filled with joy at being alive here, more and more certain that this IS my Heaven, and more and more aware of every magical moment that fills these days. Energy works in mysterious ways – we just have to give our own energy permission to be creative.

And you are an artist too. Maybe not on canvas, maybe not in metal – maybe it is in the way you raise your child, maybe the way you treat your friends, maybe the way you follow your own passions, maybe in the place where you find your own completion.


  • Won 2 free European vacations for Everett Travel staff in Everett, MA, for best regional travel agency window display
  • Best Halloween Window for Washington St. Mall, Burlington, MA
  • Best Christmas window display on Newbury St., Boston, St. Moritz
  • Runner-up, National Helly Hansen Skiwear competition, St. Moritz, Newbury St., Boston
  • Arlington Chamber of Commerce Achievement Award for Outstanding Window Displays, Arlington, MA
  • Retailers Association of Massachusetts Awards of Excellence for Calliope, Cambridge, MA (Harvard Square) for window displays
  • Winthrop Chamber of Commerce Award for Visual Achievement
  • Juried member artist, Marblehead Artists Association, Marblehead, MA

Professional Experience:

Owner: Window Images visual display company – Boston MA 1984 to present


Bachelor of Fine Arts – Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI

One Comment

  1. Carol Huber Jan 5th 2011

    Hi, Smilia,

    It was a refreshing blast from the past to see your website again. We were so glad to hear from you. We need to go strawberry picking and I need to show you our town during the daytime when we can window shop.
    We think your website is fabulous. We are also looking for someone who can help us figure out some of the bugs in our software – don’t know where to look for the best help.
    We need to keep in touch.

    Best, Carol

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