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Oil on canvas with flotsam and jetsam – 42 ¼” x 36”


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Alienbucks - serpent with babies detailAlienbucks - close-up of aliens detailAlienbucks - approaching birds detail

This canvas began with a skeleton I retrieved on Cape Cod while walking through the marshes with a friend. As I started to construct the canvas with other found items from New England beaches, the story began to unfold itself. In this other world “peopled” with intelligent life, what would they be discussing over “coffee?” What current events would monopolize their days? Politics? What would their culture demand they pay attention to? Immigration – who should be allowed to call their planet home? Are these two creatures venting clashing beliefs about a higher being – or are they the higher beings? Could they be the earthly version of, say, Muslims and Jews discussing the thorny issues of the day regarding what each sees as the truth? What is being held below them, and why? If they have interstellar space travel, what would be the purpose of their explorations?

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