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“A Good Path”

Oil on canvas with attached flotsam & jetsam – 24” x 35 ¾”

The Good Path - main canvas
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The Good Path-detail 1The Good Path detail 2The Good Path detail 3The Good Path-detail 4The Good Path detail 5The Good Path detail 6The Good Path detail 7

Many years ago I went to Cape Cod with a good friend and we went for a walk along the ocean on this magnificent path that had all the characteristics of a magical place, where nature was Queen and delighted to show off her stuff. It was the kind of place one could easily remember forever, like a letter from Heaven, something that defied time in your mind. I photographed the path and picked up some bones to use in future paintings. Recently my friend and I returned to walk the same path and met an old friend there and took her with us. Our friend was 95, and left us with a comment that makes us chuckle every time we think of it. She said – “Don’t do your nineties!” with her typical humor and liveliness. This was a woman who cut new paths for the women who came after her. Her name was Diane. She died a very short time later but left us with another fine memory of “A Good Path.” It had changed a lot since our first time there, picked up some tumbleweed, as all paths do, but it was still beautiful and headed in the same good direction, still a message that life is a gift.

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Oil on canvas – 35” x 44 1/2”

HooDoo VooDoo
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Hoodoo Voodoo detail 1Hoodoo Voodoo detail 2Hoodoo VoodooHoodoo Voodoo detail 4Hoodoo Voodoo detail 5Hoodoo VoodooHoodoo Voodoo

I have a friend who is a Traveler. When I know I am going to see her, I always ask her to bring me photos from her latest adventure. I travel there by proxy…or perhaps memory. One of these recent times she showed me photos of her trip to Bryce Canyon, an alien landscape if ever I saw one – filled with these amazing geological formations called hoodoos. Perched up on top of one of these stunning formations was this lonely tree (you can see it in the upper right corner of the main canvas) that had staked out a place for its home. I was immediately taken by the stand it took, and so another canvas was born. An entire canvas for one tiny tree. We are surrounded by trees, but I wonder how much we really “see” them for what they are – an amazing life form that entertains an entire ecosystem, and sends out Runners, tree scouts, to look for more “womb” on Earth; an entire society that exists both above and under ground, with a communication system and tools unparalleled by any human invention. Indeed, doesn’t most of science deal with trying to figure out Nature’s secrets? “Here’s to you, Tree,” – Affectionately, me.

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Pricing for original artwork and other Giclee reproductions available upon request.
call: 617.852.6057

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