Art by Smilia Marvosh
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“Eternal Hard Drive”

Oil on canvas with attached flotsam & jetsam – 20” x 23 ¾”

Eternal Hard Drive
Click on thumbnails below for more detail.

Eternal Hard Drive detail 1Eternal Hard Drive detail 2

Captured once again by the Blue Heron, this canvas is an interpretation of one of my favorite photographs. I had found a pair of bird legs on the beach and they looked so much like a heron leg that I decided to use them as the building blocks for this mythological creature, partially attached beach findings and partially painted. I’ve tried so hard to create depth on a 2-dimensional surface through the years that I believe this is what led me to begin attaching findings to the canvas surface in order to create actual 3-D canvasses. In this canvas I am inspired by that moment of suspended animation just as a blue heron is about to land, when time seems to stop for just a fraction of a second when all things are in such a delicate balance that movement ends.

Posted 4 years, 6 months ago at 8:54 pm.

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