Art by Smilia Marvosh
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“First Sighting”

Oil on canvas – 32 1/2” x 42”

First Siting: Painting by Smilia Marvosh

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First Siting Detail 1First Siting Detail 2First Siting Detail 3First Siting Detail 5First Siting Detail 6First Siting Detail 7

I never knew a place like this existed – the rookery – a place so magical and beautiful I don’t necessarily have to go “off-planet” to be totally thrilled; although instead of in the swamp where I found it I placed it in the hypnotizing sand ripples at my local beach.

This is the place where blue herons build their nests in the spring; they fly in from all directions carrying branches for delivery to the nesting site. When I first saw this place it was late fall – it was abandoned – just the bones left, waiting for new life in the spring, like most of us. I’ve been spellbound ever since.

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