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“Gargoyle Garden”

Oil on Canvas – 34″ x 40″

Gargoyle Garden

Click on thumbnails below for more detail.

Gargoyle Garden-gargoyle left detailGargoyle Garden-gargoyle right detailGargoyle Garden-gargoyle footsteps detail
Whenever I go to a museum and read the “tags” about the whys and wherefores of the piece I am looking at, I can’t help but wonder if the dead artist could come back and read the tag, if he or she would burst out laughing at the things attributed to their “vision.” I love gargoyles; I find them quite intriguing. I had a tiny little gargoyle head that became the model for this painting, for no other reason than I thought it was cool. What kind of personality would a creature like that have? If you came across a garden like that, would you go in? Would you be afraid, or would your curiosity draw you in despite reservations? Are the gargoyles there to warn you away? Maybe that’s what they look like when they smile. Someone entered – look at the footprints. Who went in? Did they come back out? What happened?

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