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Oil on Canvas – 59 1/2 ” X 44 ”

This is one of my favorites. A giant slug napping under a mushroom cap – painted years before I even moved into my home, where slugs became the bane of my backyard gardening! The joke’s on me. So much is going on here – this place is teeming with life – a ballet is happening under the other mushroom, a graceful dance of another kind of life. A living city is thriving under a bubble on a branch. A most awesome creature is gliding through the landscape, carefully regarding the action below, an undefined purpose in its head. Tree branches snake upward like seaweed, pregnant with a life that looks like it might exist under water. Could this be an ocean floor? Even I, in all these years, have just now thought of that. Let your imagination wander – see where it takes you. Make up your own story- it might be so much better than mine.transparent

Posted 8 years, 12 months ago at 10:41 pm.

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