Photographer’s Bio

I am a devoted photographer.  I have taken pictures my whole life, starting with the old Argosy camera my Father had during his World War II service, building a little darkroom after my college years,  buying my first camera hot because I didn’t have enough money to buy a good one, and always being ashamed of that later.  I focused more on painting and sculpture but continue shooting always.  Then when I got my first (and current) telephoto lens, a new world opened up to me and I started giving more time to photography in addition to my painting.   It has become a great sport, rising early to get somewhere before sunrise or going out for the golden light at sunset, tiptoeing along never knowing what you might see, being blown away by what is out there and knowing that every time I am not out there I am missing miracles.  There is the excitement that starts to build the nearer and nearer I get to my destination, the things I learn simply from going out over and over and over, and then the missed shots that never stop haunting me.  They curl up in my head and park there like little ghosts that never go away.

It is interesting for me to witness how the photography is informing my canvasses…

So I chase the light that mesmerizes.  I manipulate my photos very little – mostly just a little brightness/contrast here and there, because the light does all the work if you can catch it, and that is a perfection that is difficult to improve upon.