Art by Smilia Marvosh
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“Professor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam”

Oil on canvas with attached beach findings – 37 1/2” x 30 1/4”

Oil on canvas with attached beach findings - 37 1/2” x 30 1/4”

Click on thumbnails below for more detail.

Professor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam: butterfly detailProfessor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam: tree detailProfessor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam: dewdrops detail Professor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam:  Junior detailProfessor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam: leg detailProfessor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam: elbow-knee detail Professor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam: head detailProfessor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam: vertebrae detail Professor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam: chair-legs detail chair
Meet Professor Flotsam & Junior Jetsam, risen from the local beach, just waiting for a new lease on life. Can you imagine what the Professor can teach us? About things we never see and worlds we never visit. The beach is an archaeology of life and death – bits of branches look like limbs of creatures, shells look like eyes, real creature limbs tell of other kinds of lives lived and lost. They are puzzle pieces just waiting to be another story than the one they began. Junior looks like she has a few pressing questions and perhaps an argument or two. Why should I believe what you tell me? How do you know? Maybe she isn’t really a student at all but a fellow philosopher discussing the things we want answers for. Why does a paintbrush in the hands of an artist look for things never before seen? Why does the “pen” in the hands of a writer look for words never before spoken? Your imagination is the shape of infinity.

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