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“Snaky Lupus”

Rebar anchored in concrete base – approx. 9′ tall

Snaky LupusSnaky Lupus2
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Snaky Lupus is one of my favorite pieces. I think of it as a dance much like the exotic story we all know where the flute player in the market uses his notes to lift the cobra from the basket and encourages her to spread her hood – we are mesmerized by the sight just as the snake is mesmerized by the tune. It reminds me of something very alive, twisting and turning and snapping into various forms in response to the environment. In this case, the music of the Earth encourages the stems of the sculpture to lift from where they lay curled in the ground, life always waiting to blossom again. Snaky is very friendly and would be happy to allow a vine to trail up its tendrils.


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