Art by Smilia Marvosh
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“Where’s the Axe”

Where's the Axe?

Oil on Canvas – 36 ” x 28 ”

This canvas is a visual allegory told to me by my Father and confirmed by my Uncle about what it was like on the farm my Father grew up on, including the burning of the barn by the three youngest boys, of which my Father was one. I sketched it according to descriptions given to me by both of them, and it represents a number of activities and memories they have. My favorite part has always been how they burned down the barn playing with matches and how neighbors came from all over with their buckets to try to help put out the fire, instinctively racing to help knowing the value of “the barn.” The title refers to my Grandfather calling for the ax to beat down the door so the livestock could escape and the silence of the boys because they thought their Father wanted to chop off their heads. Needless to say, they hid in the woods and didn’t come home for a long time…

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